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Kiwano Jelly Melon

Kiwano Jelly Melon

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The kiwano jelly melon, also known as the African horned cucumber, is native to southern Africa, but it thrives in our central Florida climate and is reliable, productive grown in most U.S growing zones. 


This unusual fruit is a member of the cucurbitaceae family and related to cucumbers. In observing the long slightly prickly vines you will clearly see a similarity to its more familiar cousins. The fruits have a fantastic appearance, covered in spines and bright yellow skinned, the inside is a bright green jelly! The seeds are almost indistinguishable from cucumber seeds once the green jelly is cleared from around them. 


This eager growing vine is prized in its native range as one of the few sources of water during the dry season in the Kalahari desert. The inside of the fruit is typically scooped out and eaten fresh out of hand, or added to salads. The pulp is rich in a host of vitamins, from B6 to magnesium and vitamin C. In Zimbabwe the fruit is referred to as gaka and there you can find the pulp blended into a refreshing beverage simply mixed with a bit of water and sugar. 


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